About us

We’re here to help you find a home with a view – of your new life.

Chianti Property Group Real Estate Development is a modern fusion between real estate brokerage and development. It gives you the advantage of relying on a single point of contact with the technical and professional expertise to offer a series of integrated real estate services. This speeds up and optimizes the cost of any transaction.

Chianti Property Group Real Estate Development

Being a professional and dependable real estate agency. Being the best in the area. This is my vision of the profession, and it is what I aspire to in my work.
I am convinced that the result is important, but I am also becoming increasingly convinced that how this result is achieved is fundamental. That is how I can create value for myself and for you.
I offer selected properties within a limited territory that I know well and work hard to establish a personal and transparent relationship.
My approach to negotiations is inspired by integrity, respect and professionalism: I guide you through real estate purchases, and I also manage properties that you would like to rent or sell.

Whatever your needs are, I am ready to provide you with concrete solutions.

Michele Medori

michele-medoriI have worked as a real estate agent in the Chianti Classico area for about twenty years. It is a region I know very well because I have always lived in Gaiole in Chianti. In 1993 I earned my surveyor’s diploma; in 1996 I enrolled in the Register of Real Estate Agents (Siena, no. 357) and in 2001 I qualified as a professional: my training was enhanced in the field. With twenty years’ of experience and my network of qualified professionals, I am also able to supervise renovation and expansion projects. I also earned my qualification for enrolment in the register of real estate brokers with full marks. In addition, I am a member of FIAIP, the Federation of Professional Italian Estate Agents: professionalism consists of qualifications and keeping up with technical and regulatory developments. But that’s not all it is. I believe that success in negotiations is indispensable, as well as respect for the other party. Acting with integrity and satisfying my clients have always paid off for me, because my objective is not only to close the deal, but also to create a professional relationship that lasts over time. .

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