In the Real Estate Market together.

With nothing to worry about.

We are here for you whatever your needs may be. A single, reliable point of contact to deal with all facets of real estate management, with confidentiality and ease. We live in the region where most of the properties are located, so we are familiar with their origins, history and developments over time. Because our mission is not only to provide you with integrated professional services, but also to make negotiations simpler and more transparent. What makes us stand apart is our ability to negotiate at the right price and as quickly as possible for exclusive clients, developing a trusting relationship that lasts over time and even transforms into friendship. Choosing us means choosing 360° real estate advisory services ranging from purchases and sales to renovations, thanks to a network of professionals we have worked with for years.

Our services include:

  • Written or verbal estimate of the sale value of any property, to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Advice on the property’s zoning and mortgage situation.
  • Contract support, relying on our partnership with notary offices.
  • Support in seeking out bank loans.
  • Agreements with leading banks to help you obtain mortgages and loans.
  • Technical reports, administrative procedures, land register certificates, sworn appraisals, energy certifications.
  • Advice on planning, renovations, subdivisions, upgrading work, repairs, work site supervision.
  • Rental or placement of the property on the market in the future.
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